The Importance of Storytelling

The most difficult part of the grieving process is accepting the fact that your loved one is no longer with you physically. Reflecting, telling and retelling your story keeps you connected to the person you lost.  It can be an empowering way for grievers to find their voice in search of a way to accept the loss and to cope with the subsequent responses that have left them feeling out of control and struggling with what has been stripped from their life.

"R" WORDS - In this section of the book, each page contains an "R" word that is a result of the grief trajectory.  The hope is that this section of the book will help the griever to reflect on their loss and subsequent journey by applying the "R" word to their experience(s) of loss.  Pictures and sample questions are provided for each word.

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What was your initial reaction to the event?



Have you relied on spirituality or religion to help you understand your loss? If so, in what ways?

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What are some of your fondest memories of your loved one?