Grief is complex, and everyone’s journey is unique. It is our hope that this book lays a foundation to help grievers understand common reactions to their loss(es), validate their grief responses, encourage the telling of their story, and provide supportive advice to family and friends. 

This self-help book is divided into four parts:

Part I – An Introduction to Grief: What grief is and some of the common physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and spiritual responses to grief.

Part II – A Grief Trajectory: A realistic approach to the journey of grief that includes: The Event, the reaction; The Working Grief, the reconstruction; and The Forever Grief, the remembering. This new model has eliminated stages, expectations, tasks, timelines, and the expectation of closure.

Part III – The “R” Words: An interactive exercise that allows grievers to select a word and apply it to any part of their grief journey. Talking about the event, the feelings, the loss, the present, and the future is a critical part of the grieving process.

Part IV – Supporting the Griever: Suggestions on how to interact and support the griever.